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Early Childhood educators play an important role of working with children during their most formative years.  Research shows that the experiences children have during their Early Childhood years will not only influence their later functioning in school but can have effects throughout their life.  We at The Little Learning Center believe communication between parents and educators is of the utmost importance.  Our goal is to create a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.


Infants (8 Weeks-12 Months)

There are two infant rooms in The Little Learning Center- The Ladybugs and The Bumble Bees.  Exersaucers, bouncy seats, swings and playpens, as well as a variety of developmentally sound toys are provided to stimulate your baby.  You will also find the rooms are safe and clean, a great place for your baby to crawl and explore.  Our experienced staff is there to nurture and care for your baby and to encourage his/her growth and development.

Young Toddlers (12 Months-24 Months)

The young toddler rooms, the Centipede and Caterpillar rooms, are full of age appropriate toys, arts and crafts and games your young toddler will love!  Push and riding toys encourage walking and large motor skills and a variety of table toys and art activities help develop small motor skills.  Our trained teachers will lead your child in story time and songs, helping to facilitate language development.  Our staff encourages sharing and cooperation among the children, as well as parent/teacher communication.

Toddlers (24 Months-36 Months)

The older toddler room, the Butterflies, is a step up from the Caterpillars.  In a more structured learning environment your child will begin to learn colors, shapes and begin to recognize letters and numbers.  The daily activities include circle time, arts and crafts, music and reading enrichment.  The classroom is equipped with learning centers to help your child develop important skills.  Teachers encourage cooperation and cognitive growth, and will facilitate in toilet learning habits at the appropriate time.

Pre-School (3 Years Olds)

Our Three Year old classes are divided in two groups, younger threes; Fireflies and Older threes; Ants/Crickets.  Children will be exposed to a variety of learning activities that promote cognitive and motor development.  Our trained and experienced teachers lead the children in both large group and individualized lessons.  Our focus is on letter and number recognition, fine motor skills, socialization and following directions.  Each day children take part in music enrichment, learning games, arts and crafts, large and small motor activities and reading readiness.

Pre- K (Four and Five Year Olds)

The Little Learning Center's four and five year old program, Grasshoppers, is focused on preparing your child for Kindergarten.  Writing activities, memorization and verbalization, beginning reading and math skills are just part of our daily curriculum.  Teacher guided learning games reinforce previously mastered skills and help reinforce new concepts.  Parent involvement is strongly encouraged.

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Parent Testimonials


Dana. C

Our twin daughters started at LLC when they were 18 months old.  Until that point, we had a nanny and were nervous about starting any day care but we fell in love with the school and staff from day one.  The care our girls receive is above and beyond anything we could have expected-we leave in the morning feeling like our girls are with family.  Their learning and social development over the last two years has been astounding and more importantly we know they are safe, nurtured and loved in a fun, healthy environment every day.

Kelly. B

As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at The Little Learning Center everyday, and I am grateful for the loving caring and guidance she receives.  The teachers and owners look at each child as their own.  You have showered her with hugs and cuddles since the day she arrived.  Your attention to detail, creativity, suggestions(solid foods, sleeping positions) and play environment are beyond what we could have hoped for.  A day doesn't go by, that I don't sit at my desk and think the only reason I can be here and not home is because I trust Ryan is having a wonderful time, is safe and so well cared for.

Renee. S

Choosing a daycare for your child is one of the hardest decisions you have to make as a new parent.  You want to make sure that the place you are leaving your child will care for, nurture, and keep them safe.  The Little Learning Center does this and more.  Every day you go in there you are greeted at the door with a friendly face.  It is a very happy place where you can tell that everyone that works there loves what they do.  The Little Learning Center nurtures and cares for your child as an infant.  They know their feeding schedules, how they sleep best, and what makes them happy.  As your child moves up, the teachers and staff help them meet their next milestone.  When your child leaves The Little Learning Center they will be more than ready for kindergarten!  They will also have made friends that they will keep throughout Elementary School.

   I started my children at The Little Learning Center in 2007.  I will never forget the day I had to drop my oldest son off for his first time!  It was very emotional.  When it was his last day there it was also emotional knowing that he was finished.  Two more of my sons went to The Little Learning Center from the time they were infants to five years old.  My youngest will be finished in June!  We have been here for ten years and it has been such a wonderful experience for both my boys and my husband and I!  We will miss starting each of our days off and will cherish all of the memories that we have made!

Nicole. H

We've been part of The Little Learning Center for over 7 years, and can't imagine anyone else caring for our children while we are at work.  The Little Learning Center is a family, from the owners to all of their teachers you will see and feel them act as a family better yet, include you and your children in their family.  Some of their teachers have been with them since they have opened, you get to know and trust these teachers and they know you and your kids.  You wont see a high teacher turnover rate like in other daycares.  Their staff has provided loving care to our children while teaching them valuable skills and lessons.  They create a nurturing environment so much that some days our son cries when it's time to go home!  They have been instrumental in helping us raise smart, kind, compassionate and well adjusted kids.  There is no better group of people then the ones at LLC!

Laura M.

Words can't truly describe how happy I am with The Little Learning Center.  My children have been attending this school since 2011. The directors and staff there have  continuously impressed me.  Since the beginning, Jenn and Marybeth have been accommodating, supportive and incredibly loving to my children.  They have become part of my family.  My son has a severe peanut allergy and the directors and teachers were always so cautious and careful to make sure he was always in a safe environment.  They educated themselves on all necessary precautions on their own accord.  I always knew my son was in a safe environment because the whole community was aware of his allergy and looked out for him.  The teachers have been wonderful.  They are organized, prepared and most importantly attentive.  My children are always well taken care of and love going to school each day.  I feel confident and happy each morning dropping my children off as they skip in the front door.  I highly recommend The Little Learning Center.


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Toddlers                   $232     $197    $153    $114

Preschool                 $222      $193    $150    $112

Yearly Registration Fee $50.00 Individual

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